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Crown Cashmere Group main business lines are Cashmere material ,Cashmere yarn,cashmere products design and producing.Which is as follows,

Cashmere material: dehaired cashmere fiber white/light grey/brown

Cashmere tops:  white/light grey/brown

Cashmere yarn: 100% cashmere,cashmere wool blended,cashmere silk blended,cashmere cotton blended,100% merino wool etc.

Cashmere knitwear: cashmere sweater,cashmere pants,cashmere scarf,cashmere blanket,cashmere hat,cashmere glove,cashmere slipper etc.

Woven product: cashmere coat,cashmere scarf,wool coat,wool scarf,wool blanket,cashmere suit,cashmere jacket etc.

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